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It's hard to describe The Grande Barn At The Mohicans according to Kevin the owner. There is really nothing else like it. A wonderful property over looking the Mohican Valley with amazing cabins and famous tree houses and the the jewel of the property is The Grande Barn itself. They specialize in weddings and the venue for getting married is one of a kind. The pond and pavilion are amazing gems to say your vows. The only way to really take it all in is to come see it for yourself. Until you walk the space you can not really understand it. When you arrive on site it almost forces you to forget about everything except embracing the views and the space. It is really an escape where family and friends come together.

Looking for a rustic barn wedding venue? The Mohicans Grand Barn Event Center and Tree houses and Cabins provides the very best in a rustic barn wedding venue as well as luxury corporate and wedding space while offering some of the most unique lodging in Ohio. 

When people are looking for a rustic barn wedding venue and they see the property here at The Mohicans and step inside the Grand Barn, everyone is always in awe of the beauty. We have designed and built what we believe to be the ultimate rustic barn wedding venue in Ohio. Our customers tell us "this place is knock your socks off beautiful" and with good reason. Tour the property and you'll quickly see & experience first hand what we're talking about.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How many people does your wedding venue accommodate?
    Kevin is the owner and operator of The Grande Barn at the Mohicans and he is the one we interviewed for this page. The barn maxes out at 175 guests. The typical wedding guest list is from 130 to 150 guests.
  2. Can I hold my wedding ceremony as well as the reception at the venue?
    The Grand barn has multiple places for the ceremony. They have an outdoor pavilion, they have a back area behind the Grand Barn that the client can choose as well as also a half acre pond area that some brides choose to hold the ceremony.
  3. What is your rental fee?
    Currently the client rents the entire space for their event. The time of year can have an impact on the pricing as well at the day of the week. A typical Saturday night rental rate in peak season will run around $7,000, and an average Sunday or Friday night will run around $4500. The fall season is the highest demand for them due to the changing of the leaves and the absolute stunning scenery in the area. For the Grand Barn at The Mohicans September is the new June. They have brides come from all across the country. Several brides set foot on the property for the first time the day of their wedding. The first year in business they had five Arizona brides and they had one from California and one from New York. The Grand Barn at the Mohicans has developed a national reputation very quickly. The client in most cases has full access to the entire space especially if they rent the unique tree houses and other lodging located on the property. They are in the process of acquiring their own liquor license as well as offering on site catering. They allow people to provide their own food and liquor to the venue but that will change in the near future due to demand and a desire on the owners part to provide a high level of service that matches the quality of the venue itself.
  4. How much is the deposit and when is it due?
    The Grand Barn at The Mohicans requires 50% up front. The remaining balance is due thirty days before the wedding.
  5. What is your cancellation policy?
    If The Grande Barn secures that brides specific date for them and the bride cancels with out enough notification that the Grand Barn is unable to re-rent the space to some one else they will lose the deposit. Per the contract the deposit is non-refundable, so The Grande Barn can keep the deposit if they deem it necessary. They try to work with each client and depending on the circumstances they may, at their option choose to refund the deposit. This is at the owners discretion and is on a case by case basis. Per the contract the bride is also responsible for the balance due as well.
  6. How long will I have to use the event space I've reserved?
    The Grand Barn at The Mohicans allows the bride to come in fairly early in the day to set up. Most ceremonies are around 3:00 p.m. Guests typically arrive around 2:30. A typical wedding will go as late as 1:00 in the morning with most ending around 11:00. The wedding party may in the end have access to the property for 8 or 10 hours or more depending on the situation. The bride can come in early to set up as long as their is not an event prior to their wedding.
  7. Is the food catered in or is it done in house?
    Currently all the food is catered into the facility. The Grand Barn has two caterers they use often, one is Old Carolina and the other is A Taste of Excellence. When A Taste of Excellence comes to their facility they typically have three time the staff that other caterers bring. They both do a great job. They are also looking to add a few more caterers to recommend. 50% of The Grand Barns wedding come from Columbus, 30 to 40% of their brides come from Cleveland and the rest are all over the country.
  8. Are tables, linens, chairs, plates, silverware and glassware provided?
    They provide table and chairs with the rental of the space. They also provide specialty rental options of things like bird cages, wine barrels, a 1930's record player, and other neat things like that to help create options for the bride to make the wedding their own. The Grande Barn even offers a photo both rental option that is typically much cheaper for the bride then having someone bring it to the venue. Kevin's goal is to provide great value to the brides by offering a lot of services and reasonable rates. Ultimately The Grande Barn wants to streamline the process so the bride can choose to have them take care of all the details of the wedding so all they have to do is show up and enjoy themselves. They believe that this will make the brides total experience much better and I agree with the premise. They want to have not just a local reputation but a national reputation for being a premier wedding and event center. They can achieve this with food and service that matches their amazing venue they already have.
  9. Can I bring in my own alcoholic beverages?
    The Grand Barn does allow clients to bring their own liquor to the event but that can and will change. Check with Kevin and his staff for the most current updates on this topic.
  10. Are you licensed to provide alcohol service? If so, is alcohol priced per person or by consumption?
    Yes, we have our liquor license.
  11. What is your weather contingency plan for outdoor spaces?
    The Grande Barn has a pavilion that will seat all the guest outside that provides a great deal of protection to the guests even in inclement weather. If the weather gets real bad they do have the ability to move guests indoors and The Grande Barn makes every effort to make it as seamless as possible.
  12. Does your facility have a bridal room and groom room to allow the wedding parties to prepare themselves?
    The Grand Barn has an incredible brides room at the facility. She has a door and window that provides her visibility of the venue while she is getting her hair and make-up down so she can watch as the party and the space comes to life. She has her own private bathroom, she also has another room for her brides-maids as well. They also have a grooms room located in the building that has an outdoor patio. They also have a shower and bathroom as part of their private space. In the near future they will have a pool table in the room as well. The grooms room has a 57" television. The entire wedding party as private space to get ready. They have a total of three rooms available to the wedding party.
  13. Can I move things around and decorate to suit my purposes or does everything need to remain as is?
    Decorating is strongly discouraged. Don't read this as a negative. The venue is so well appointed that the space speaks for itself. The natural wood and the architecture really needs no enhancements. More often then not people spend a majority of time outside with the Mohican Valley as the back drop to the wedding. Most brides will spend most of their decorating budget on flowers for the outdoors. Kevin recommends putting the flower budget on the back patio and dress that up and make that space your own. Decorate the arbor in the back and have fun with that space.
  14. Do you have restrictions on what kind of music I can play or a time in which the music must end?
    The Berwick has a ten o'clock curfew for outdoor music because the sound travels thru the Mohican Valley so easily. Inside the Grande Barn the music can continue on as long as they want.
  15. Does your venue provide on-site parking?
    The Grande Barn has over two hundred parking spaces on the premises.
  16. Does your wedding venue provide any on premise security during the event?
    It is recommended that the wedding party hire the local sherifs for security.
  17. Are their nearby hotels that your venue recommends?
    The Mohican State Lodge is not far from The Grande Barn. The venue has a shuttle van that it transports guests to and from this lodging during events. The Grande Barn also has four cabins as well as three tree houses on the property itself.
  18. Is the site handicap accessible?
    Yes it is handicap accessible.
  19. Does your venue have liability insurance in the event that someone is injured during the event?
    The Grande Barn is fully insured. In the event that the wedding party decides to bring alcohol onto the property they will need to add a rider to the insurance policies already in place.
  20. Do you have signage or other aids to direct guests to my event?
    They are getting more signs as time goes on but they are a bit hesitant to provide to much signage because sometimes people who are tourists in the area will stop in at random times just to see the tree houses. They do recommend putting signs with her wedding name in key places to help guests navigate to the area.
  21. Do you have a recycling policy?
    They are big into recycling. Even The Grande Barn itself used as much recycled material as it could in the contraction of the barn as well as the tree houses.
  22. Tell me a unique aspect of your venue that I may not find anywhere else?
    The unique and special thing about The Grande Barn at The Mohicans is the Tree houses. The setting is fantastic with the Valley as the back drop but the tree houses are truly spectacular. According to Kevin the tree houses are incredible, you can not describe what it is like to stay in a tree house. It is mystical and magical. Kevin himself will lay in bed and stare at the wood. They milled the trees on the property, some wood still has the bark on the wood. The wood in the tree houses is almost cut from trees right on the property. The Tree house have air conditioning and heat and indoor outdoor showers.
  23. Where did the idea for building tree houses on the property come from?
    Pete Nelson from the television show Tree House Masters built one of the tree houses on their property and it was featured in the first season of the show. What happened is one of Kevin's friends showed him a book on tree houses which Pete Nelson was in. Kevin's friend knew how to get a hold of Pete. Pete was to busy to build The Grande Barns first tree house, so he sent two of his guys to build it along with local amish people. That tree house is the biggest one on the property and its called The White Oak, it was built in 8 days, except for the utilities. The Old Pine was built entirely by the Amish and is the second tree house on the property. The beams inside The Old Pine are all hand strewn by the Amish which is really cool.
  24. What came first, The Grande Barn or the Tree house?
    The Grande Barn and the First Tree House were built simultaneously according to Kevin. Kevin started off with rental cabins on the property. He decided he wanted to expand his business into weddings and events and in the middle of planning he came across a tree house book. That was the inspiration. The Tree houses go a long way to helping bring notoriety to the venue. When he built the first tree house it was a bit of a risk because no one in the region was doing it. Pete Nelson heard about his tree house and called and asked Kevin if his venue would want to be on Animal Planet. The idea would be he would build another tree house on the property as part of the show and featured in the first season of Tree House Masters. Once the show aired renting the tree houses is in high demand. The wedding party gets the first opportunity at renting the on site tree houses the weekend of her wedding, after that they are made available to the general public. Most brides rent them.
  25. Tell us about the on-site cabins you have on the property.
    There are four cabins on site. These are not your typical cabins they have granite counter tops, radiant heat floors, stamped concrete, the finest linens and wonderful beds. It is often that he hears from guests how well they slept at the property. All four cabins combined can sleep up to 50 people and the tree houses can house another 12 people.
  26. What else would you like to say about your venue that I have not asked?
    It's hard to describe The Grande Barn At The Mohicans according to Kevin the owner. There is really nothing else like it. A wonderful property over looking the Mohican Valley with amazing cabins and famous tree houses and the the jewel of the property is The Grande Barn itself. They specialize in weddings and the venue for getting married is one of a kind. The pond and pavilion are more stunning options to say your vows. The only way to really take it all in is to come see it for yourself. Until you walk the space you can not really understand it. When you arrive on site it almost forces you to forget about everything except embracing the views and the space. It is really an escape where family and friends come together.

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