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A wedding with a fall theme and a rainy weather setting sounds absolutely enchanting. You have chosen a beautiful combination of white flowers, including white hydrangeas, baby's breath, and white roses. These flowers will create an elegant and romantic atmosphere for your special day.

The white hydrangeas will add a touch of charm and abundance to your wedding decorations. Their large and lush blooms will create a stunning backdrop for your ceremony and reception. As fall approaches, hydrangeas might be slightly harder to find, but with careful planning and coordination with your florist, you can still incorporate them into your arrangements.

To complement the hydrangeas, you can use delicate sprigs of baby's breath. Baby's breath is often used as a filler flower, but it can also be the star of the show when used in larger quantities. Its tiny white blooms will add an airy and whimsical feel to your floral arrangements.

For a touch of elegance and classic beauty, white roses are a perfect choice. They symbolize love and purity, making them a popular choice for weddings. The white roses can be incorporated into your bridal bouquet, centerpieces, and other floral arrangements to add a timeless and sophisticated touch.

The combination of white hydrangeas, baby's breath, and white roses will create a soft and romantic ambiance for your wedding, complemented by the fall season and the gentle sound of rain. It's a beautiful choice that will surely make your wedding day feel magical and memorable.


Last but not least of course, this wonderful day was captured by Nicole Leone Miller Photography http://www.nicoleleonemiller.com/

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